2015 - A Year in Review


Happy New year Jilly Beans, here is a look back on 2015, enjoy!

2015 was the most remarkable year of my life to date. It was the year that everything became real, and all of the work we put into this EP since 2013 really came to life.

My first 'OMG' moment of this year was filming my debut music video for my single “Shattered”. I walked on set and there was entire team of people ready to get to work, and I thought 'wow it can't get any better than this'.

Then, It did. Soon after that I was sitting at the Junos in Hamilton, ON three rows behind The Weeknd and making awkward eye contact with Shawn Mendes from my dinner table. Once again I thought 'it REALLY can't get any better than this'

One by one, events kept happening that would surpass the feelings of the last. Moments like seeing my song being on iTunes, releasing the music video, then finally hearing “Shattered” on the radio for the first time. Now those were real tears.

Just when I thought life couldn't get any better, I landed two dates on the Free The Children 'We Day' tour. For weeks it didn't seem real, I even kept putting off getting my wardrobe together because it didn't seem like it was actually happening.

Before I knew it, I was on a plane to Ottawa to the Canadian Tire Centre. There I was, standing behind a giant rising screen waiting to perform, with an announcer screaming 'put your hands together for Singer- Songwriter JILLEA!!'

I cried before I went on stage, while I was on stage, AND after I got off, 20,000 voices were singing with me. It was incredible!

Three weeks later it was time for We Day Atlantic Canada, my home. It hit me- you are performing at one of the largest arenas in eastern Canada alongside the people who have inspired you, and grew up listening to their music. How amazing is that!? It was the first big show my best friend and brother had ever seen me do, and even my non emotional brother was choking back tears.

After I came back to Toronto, “Shattered” was EVERYWHERE. Little girls fb status's, fan messages, and playing on radio stations I have followed and admired my entire life. Before I knew it, a song I had written when I was 17 was sitting in the Canadian Top 40.

Looking back on it all, 2015 was the year of 'it can't get any better than this' and it always did.

Thanks to my amazing fans and supporters (shout out to Slaight Music and Universal Music Canada!!) I have a feeling 2016 is going to be even better, if that is even possible.

Much Love